Happy Reformation Day

Apparently today is “reformation day“.  I have somehow never heard of this till last night.  Did some quick googling this morning to find a short story about it for the kids today & found lots of cool stuff (that takes advance preparation).  So mental note:  Next year we’re totally having a “Reformation Day Party”.  ;)

So today, we read a story, mostly about Martin Luther, then drew some pictures about it & answered some questions related to the story (never ceases to amaze me the fact that they actually listen to stories & can answer questions about them).

Grace started drawing “people” today for the first time! (circles w/dots inside):

Asher has insisted i put his picture “on the internet” (i have a hard time figuring out sizing & am not going to spend anymore time on this).  The large pink “guy” is Luther, with a hammer in hand.  Bottom left guy in chair is reading a bible to his kids (focused in the story was how the reformation brought literacy in general & esp. biblical literacy for “common folk”).

Oh & just for fun, a couple pics from yesterday, they dressed up for storytime at the library.  I’m sure there will be some more costume pics after tonight’s festivities….i’m getting a little out of control w/this new found picture posting ability.  ;)    Asher is a “Good Roman Soldier”, Grace ended up being a unicorn vs. kitty cat b/c I found this coat super cheap at a thrift store & she’s all about unicorn’s lately.  Big sigh of relief, this will be much warmer than what would’ve been a kitty cat!

On the bus:

One thought on “Happy Reformation Day

  1. OK, that settles it. We’re officially sending our kids to Washington each summer so the Burns can rub off on them. Reformation Day, Luther, Good Roman Soldiers, Bus Trips….wow…I mean, where does the fun/learning end?