Have you hugged your health nut today?

Jenn – It stinks that we have to go buy chicken now (meaning the bulk chicken in our freezer is all gone).
Ryan – (confused as to why we didn’t have chicken) So, what in the world did we spend $300 on at the co-op this month? (co-op is a group of crazy people who pretend to be a grocery store to get good prices on expensive healthy food)
Jenn – Well lots of milk and pasta and gluten-free cooking supplies and 50 pounds of grain…
– 50 pounds!?!?!? What is this, Egypt? Did Pharaoh have another dream? Are we Joseph?
Jenn – (giggling) No, that’s what I always buy. All that should last us 2 months.
Ryan – Sheesh…
Jenn – (A couple minutes later) …Ok, well I’m going to go start breakfast
Ryan – (looking at the clock on my computer… 8:37 PM)

She’s a nut… but she’s my nut and I appreciate how she looks after us ;)

8:52 PM – As I’m writing this post Jenn walks in with a shot glass of elderberry extract (don’t worry, I don’t know either) and says, “a chaser for your beer… and if you start feeling sick (Grace is sick today) then no more sweets or beer.”
Ryan – (pretends not to hear that last part… Drinks the elderberry extract)

3 thoughts on “Have you hugged your health nut today?

  1. just felt the need to clarify..the list explaining what i bought was going to continue (the grain side-tracked us)…i didn’t spend $300 on 4(ish) items. :) …& the grain will last longer than 2 mo.

    i love you too ryan…thx for humoring my crazyness.

  2. Ryan I had to write a comment on this blog. You can thank my mom as Keith says cuz all of us Jones girls have a nuttyness ( I know probably not a word but I like it) to us. Everytime I do something nutty Keith laughs at me and says yep there’s the nut I married. So don’t worry your not alone in hugging a nut :).