One of the newest ventures in the Burns family is the acquisition of an online headphone company. In late 2010 we purchased a website that sells noise cancelling headphones. The headphones are absolutely amazing and, prior to buying the site and business, I (Ryan) had used the headphones for almost three years. What make these headphones special is several things. First, these headphones offer 29db of passive sound reduction. That means that when you put them on, the noise around you automatically gets reduced by 29db. The real beauty of these headphones however, comes into play when you play music through them. Once you turn on some music, essentially all outside noise fades away. As someone who works from home a lot, these help me to cancel out all the excess noise (read:kids) around me and concentrate on whatever I’m working on. Having noise reduction headphones is truly a blessing for anyone who works from home.

Along with using these headphones for noise reduction, these headphones are really great studio headphones. They were designed to be used at a professional studio level and that means that the quality of the audio signal they provide is simply amazing. These are “no bleed” headphones which, in a studio context, means that the sound coming into the headphones won’t leak out of the headphones. In a home context, this means that you can crank your tunes as loud as you’d like and no one will be able to hear it but you. In the studio this means that you don’t have to worry about sound bleeding onto your tracks.

The headphones we sell were created by a studio drummer. He was tired of looking for drumming headphones that allowed him all the things he wanted (like no-bleed, studio flat signal, and passive sound reduction) without spending a fortune. So, he created his own line. The beauty is that these headphones provide everything you need from a top-of-the-line headphone, while not breaking the bank! In fact, our headphones cost nearly $100 less than other headphones of comparable quality.

Don’t be fooled by other headphones costing twice as much. You don’t need the bose quiet comfort heaphones that cost $300+ or the latest “beats” headphones by Dr. Dre. Save your coin and grab some of our amazing headphones today! AND TELL YOUR FRIENDS!


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