Hebrews brewing

In the middle of May a few gals & I decided to do an online bible study together & to study Hebrews (yeah..that was Dana’s idea). Ryan got wind & put on his ‘web-guy’ hat & made us a nifty little forum to use, which has been GREAT.

So here we are, 3 not super scholarly mom’s (ok, well one of us has a scholarly bent…the rest of us are normal mortals) tackling this rather difficult theological book. Enter commentaries. I have found a lot of my posts have a theme: “uh..what’s up with that?” [enter terrible heresy I've come away with from reading the text], “oh…read a commentary, that makes a LOT more sense than what I came up with”. Heh.

As luck would have it, ryan actually took a class on Hebrews this past semester with Dr. Kistemaker and came away so encouraged & excited about this book, that he scoured used books on amazon & bought his commentary on Hebrews (it’s part of a set that you can’t break when buying new). This has been my commentary of choice for the study. What’s fun is that we’re all using different ones (I think Melissa is using Calvin & I don’t know about Dana…she doesn’t need one. heh. kidding, i’m kidding).

All that being said, when we started we said, “one chapter a week”. Riiiight. It’s been 3 MONTHS & I’m on Chapter 4 verse 2. Just finished verse 2 today (we’re not all in the same spot though, the beauty of the forum is it’s easy to jump around). It’s slow-going but it’s been insightful. I actually meant to post about a fun ‘insight’ from a few days ago, but i rambled on so much about the study itself….i’ll have to save that for another post.

4 thoughts on “Hebrews brewing

  1. Dr. K (as he is known at our church) goes to Orangewood and almost every Sunday, you will find him and his lovely little wife greeting people at the door – I love him! I think they have 7 children – impressive.

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  3. ok, just to be clear – the reason you don’t know what commentary I’m using is because I use so many of them! And let me tell you (and all the people who read your blog) – I think one of the best ways to truly study the Bible is with other believers. Don’t get me wrong – I love using study tools (you, of all people, know that, Jenn!). But there’s nothing that compares to the wealth of insight you gain when simply discussing a verse with a friend. So, about that community stuff you were talking about . . . !

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