Hiccup Cures

I was just going to post this in the comment section under my previous post, but seeing as how 1) i don’t want that post to have a zillion comments (thus causing people to read it more) b/c i think my sarcasm in the post was lost in typing & thus makes the whole thing weird and 2) there was enough hiccup discussion cropping up it warranted being ‘moved’ to it’s own location.

i mentioned in there that when ryan and I were first getting to know each other he taught me his “zen hiccup cure”. Basically just involves relaxing your chest & throat & breathing slowly & swallowing. it’s weird. doesn’t have 100% success for me but i’d say as much as 95%. I think he gives credit to his dad for teaching him. Asher has started his own hiccup stopping technique that he’s become quite successful with:

It comes from the book, “Hiccup Snickup” which we borrowed from the library a few weeks ago. In the book the grandmother offers this rhyme as a hiccup cure, & the book goes through a variety of “cures” ending w/the rhyme & crazy dancing. the rhyme in the book is as follows:

hiccup snickup, rear right straight up, 2 drops in the teacup will cure the hiccups.

Asher’s variation:

hiccup snickup rear right straight up. 2 drops in the teapot will clear the hiccups.

it only works for him though when he says the rhyme while crazy dancing. It also helps if others join the dance, though it can be effective on your own as he has reported hiccup cures during roomtime.

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  1. Ah…but whatever happened to just scaring the person out of their wits? That’s what we do. It usually works (9 times out of 10) and is WAY fun. ;o)