Holy Stink Beans Batman

another edition of “The adventures of cooking with Jenn”

I’ve been testing the waters of sprouting grains lately, mostly with intention of dehydrating & then whizzing through the blender for “sprouted flour” to use in baking (long story to explain why that’s such a great idea). This weekend I got adventurous & decided to try garbanzo beans (or chickpeas).

i’m guessing i left the beans in the wet jar too long? i rinsed & drained them a lot & it never looked as though anything was going awry….but throughout today they started emitting a slight but rather unpleasant odor in the kitchen….which for whatever reason didn’t keep me from eating them everytime i walked by (raw…sprinkled w/a bit ‘o salt, not bad actually…though nothing to write home about). around 2pm I spread them out on the dehydrator trays, but waited till right before bed to put them in the dehydrator (it’s loud) & went to bed at just before 11pm. here i am an hour later, the smell crept across the house (granted, a small house, but still) & woke me up!!! it’s reminiscient of stinky trash….mixed with foul socks….seriously as gross as changing a toddler’s dirty diaper, who is not your own. I finally got out of bed & as I got closer to the source, it was like being hit in the head with it. I am literally nauseous from the odor.

i’m guessing these need to find their home with other things that smell like trash (namely…trash)? that’s where they’re going tonight anyhow. good lord.

my quick google search here didn’t produce any ‘expert sounding’ advice regarding the matter. just posts similar to what i’ve written; “help, they STINK! i’m throwing them out”. However, if it was normal I assume someone would’ve mentioned it. I’ve put out a “help they STINK” thread of my own on a forum in the hopes i can get some troubleshooting for next time. Yes Ryan, there will be a next time. ;)

ok about to lose my dinner. off to trash duty. & then try to re-wind down to sleep again.

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