How’s that reading going?

Because I know ya’ll have been wondering everynight, “I wonder how that ‘read 1 hour a night’ thing is going”…. uh…well. For starters, i originally typed out 30min/night. but when i proofread (yes, although it would appear i do not…99.9% i do a quick proofread…and still sentences like this one don’t get deleted), I decided 30min. sounded pansy.

It probably would’ve been just right. Stupid macho pride.

wait. I’m not macho. Guess it’s competitive pride. I compete against myself. wow.

Anyhow, the first night i read 30min. Last night I even left my meeting as SOON as it was over, and ended up reading zero. tonight? I have been sitting on a blog post that I’d love to bust out & I need to crunch some #’s for a vanilla bean co-op I’m running. I can do it tomorrow….but wow do I want to do it now.

Ok…I’ll go read, but i *might* be wussing out & reaching for 30min/night here on out.

ah…squirming in humility.

OH! & btw, I won the book (on! :) so THAT will be my next book after “Heaven”…which if i stick to the 30min/day (or hour…whatever…) it should be finished w/in the week.

Have I mentioned I still have no idea what it’s about? I decided not to find out. I enjoy watching movies that I’ve never seen a preview for. It’s like a surprise (i love surprises). Not sure I’ve ever done that with a book….except that one book Dana B. let me borrow a few years ago…”Angela’s Ashes“….that’s also the only book I’ve not finished in…ever? …sorry Dana…couldn’t resist (it was just a tad too traumatizing for me…I would bawl nearly hysterically…but I think i had either just had a baby or was pregnant if that counts for an excuse). I’ll never let her live that one down. heh.

Right..need to go read now. WAIT! I GET to go read now.

4 thoughts on “How’s that reading going?

  1. @mommyknows
    I know…it was hard to stop, but i think I remember ryan strongly suggesting I do…it was just so heartwrenching…stuff like that haunts me for years (& causes lack of sleep)…i’m so “sensitive”, ha.

    but now you’ve got me scared on The Story of Edgar Sawtelle…off to read reviews. heh. though I’m not “unusually hormonal”, so perhaps I could handle a trauma/drama. ;)

  2. Starting a reading routine sounds awesome. I may have to follow suit. I’m like you and absolutely love to read, but rarely sit down and actually do it. In my pre-kid, pre-job…well, pre-adult life, I would sit down in the recliner and read ALL day long, only leaving the chair for necessary duties. I have to find some sort of middle ground though.