Read this the other day in an article by Richard Kaufmann on prayer (yes, for class). I don’t have anything to add other than: “wow, very interesting”: On Matthew 6:5-6 (don’t pray like the hypocrites in the street & synagogues wanting to be seen by men, but in secret to your Father)

Now notice Jesus says the test of hypocrisy is – inner prayer. How can you tell if you are a hypocrite? Hypocrites are people who claim to be Christians but have no interior prayer. They may pray grace before meals. They may pray in community group, in worship services, in civic events, but they have no interior prayer life. We often come up with our own tests of hypocrisy. For example, sex. That person is a hypocrite – they claim to be a Christian but they are in an immoral relationship. Or wealth. They claim to be a Christian but they are selfish. They spend all their money on themselves. But Jesus says the test is prayer. Private prayer is the only Christian activity that no one but God sees. Private prayer is the test of hypocrisy.

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