“I don’t like Ant Bites”

That’s what Asher said while staring at the clump of bites on Grace’s lower back during a bath this evening (that right folks, 2 baths in one week! amazing…). Thankfully the only time Grace seems to notice them thus far is during a diaper change when her legs are in clear view (the legs & lower back are what look the worst). At which point she scrunches her face, points & says, “Bop” (Which is her word for “ouch” or “boo-boo” or “Asher hit me”). ant-bites-3.jpg

Poor little sweet pea. It looks worse in person. :(

6 thoughts on ““I don’t like Ant Bites”

  1. “Bop” as in “I bopped her on the head”? Ha. I’m glad the bites aren’t troubling her too much!

  2. Bless her little legs and arms. It makes me itch just to look at them. Thankfully they aren’t giving her too much trouble. If I were you, I might talk to whoever is in charge of that playground and have them do something to try to kill those “bad ants”. I am sure that Grace is not the only child who has been bitten.
    Hugs and Kisses, Nene

  3. Aw, poor darling!

    On another note, thanks for the cookie recipe! The second batch is in the oven this very moment; the first is almost completely eaten. ;)