I don’t wash my hair

So here is some eternally insignificant information that I just find fascinating:

About a year ago I allowed myself to read info (not here, but this sums it up well if you care) about petrochemicals & perfumes, dyes, tallow ect. that goes into body care products. I held off for a long time knowing that once i know…it’s hard to pretend I don’t. Anyhow, since then I’ve been on a half-hearted mission to find affordable really (not just labeled ‘natural’) natural products. This is turning out to be more difficult than I thought.

Which brings us to my hair. I tried castille soap…ok but leaves a residue…then i read about going “poo-free“. & I really really like it. I just use baking soda. I keep a small flip top container of it in the shower & pour some onto my hands, then rub it into my scalp really good, then rinse. As a “conditioner” I use plain old vinegar (some like apple cider vinegar for the smell) in a spray bottle. Sometimes I rinse it out & other times I spray a little as a “leave-in”, & only every other day at that. The smells evaporates (unless you stick your nose right up in my hair, but then you’ll just smell my toxic hairspray) & even my “stylist” said that my hair didn’t seem gross or in bad shape.

So this is an INCREDIBLY inexpensive alternative (even to ‘normal’ shampoo), that I’m pretty excited about. …doesn’t take much does it?

If you’re weird & would like to give it a try yourself, realize that it will take 2-4 weeks for your scalp to adjust to not having all the oils stripped from it. Which means your hair will be a bit greasy for a few weeks…which for me meant that I definitely had to wash it everyday & by the evening it was a bit limp. But now it’s totally fine & happy.

6 thoughts on “I don’t wash my hair

  1. GET THIS:

    if you put baking soda & vinegar together you can have a VOLCANOOOOO ON YOUR HEADDDDD!!!! :) :) :)


    love ya

  2. for some reason i’ve never thought about that, but now i REALLY want to try it…but am scared i’ll fry my hair…so if i show up to church bald this week…blame monica.

  3. how much is a cut at imago?

    and out of curiosity, what kind of facial cleanser do you use? have you ever tried black soap or shea butter?

    and what about toothpaste?

    oh, and i need to remember to ask my professor about “light sleepers”…

  4. i’m willing to be blamed to find out the outcome :) that would seriously be sweet though!!!

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