I got a jeep

So, with the minivan on the market I found and purchased my jeep.

It is pretty surreal. I’ve wanted a jeep as long as I’ve had a license. So, driving it today was pretty cool. Added bonus is that Asher thinks it is the coolest thing on the planet. Unfortunately, little man can’t ride in it. I’d have to make some rather costly modifications to make the back seat safer… so, he’ll have to settle with sitting in it while it sits in the driveway… which he seems content with.

For those who are interested:

It is (well, parts of it are) a 1979 CJ-7 with a rebuilt 350 engine and a new 4 Barrel Edelbrock Carburetor. The exhaust rumbles really nice… loud without being obnoxious. The jeep was put together really well. Transmission shift like butter. Pretty happy with the purchase so far. I took the top off today and tooled around town. I must say, owning a jeep is a fun as I thought it’d be. The icing to this cake… once we sell the van… NO CAR PAYMENTS!!!

Without further a due… here’s the jeep (click image to enlarge):


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