I hate daylight savings

What a stupid idea… lets just change the time on our clocks… forget about the fact that our bodies aren’t impacted by these silly little numbers shining on our digital devices. Oh, the sun… no, that doesn’t really matter… I say it is an hour later… by golly, it is an hour later.

Why my angst? Because my children don’t understand time… At least not time on a clock. So, when the friggin US government decided that we should all change our clock, that means nothing to my kids. You might as well have told them that the fed lowered interest rates… It means nothing to a 3 year old.

So, now, today, it is 6:48 AM on my digital device and my son and daughter a both awake. Why? Because nothing has changed since yesterday except some number. If this were two day ago it would almost be 8 AM and Jennifer and I would have time get up, read our bibles, pray, and get our ducks in a row so that we are ready for the day… now, I’m hardly through my first cup of coffee and I’m trying to get my heart in a good place by meditating on God’s word and I hear asher’s door open and him start singing and talking (loud enough to make me fear that Grace will soon follow suit). So, I go in to tell him that it isn’t time to get up and that he needs to stay in bed and relax for a little while longer… which, of course, causes him to scream and cry. So, I tell him he can get up but he can’t leave his room (which seems to work for the moment). But now I hear Grace stirring.

Now, the challenge is to not get mad at them… I mean, this is the EXACT time they’ve been waking up every day… except for the fact that the government has told us to “change time.” Well, sorry… my kids didn’t get the memo. So, now I’ve lost an hour of peace and quiet… one that I cherish and need… so, do I now have to wake up at 5 AM to get ready for my day? ARG! I really hate daylight savings.

Can someone please share with me two redeeming things about daylight savings (because one isn’t enough).

Oh, and then, today, after a hard day’s work, I’ll be pulling in the driveway IN THE DARK because the sun sets at 5 friggin 30.

Ok, I’m done bitching and moaning… I’m sure God is using Daylight Savings to show me the selfishness in my heart… sovereignty strikes again.

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