I hate throwing up

everyone says that though. I can’t imagine anyone thinking, “oh…it’s not so bad”. Anyhow, I am doing better, still feel like i got beat up last night, but I think that’s now mostly due to malnutrition. Don’t want to jump the gun so all I’ve had today is gatorade, miso (really good miso…) & a banana that took me 4 hours to finish.

Thanks for all your prayers…still need ‘em. Ryan’s been a superb Mr. Mom today & i’ve been trying very hard to actually stay in bed & sleep & rest so as to be useful tomorrow. I cheated earlier (mostly b/c i was lonely & bored) & came down to hang with the kids a bit….& after folding a few diapers felt like i had just finished a road race. …cheating now too (& can feel it), i actually came down to pay a bill i keep forgetting about & nags me while I lie in bed everynight.

Anyhow, just wanted to update & share these two thoughts that kept going through my mind while puking last night: 1. Last year Robert & Erin Greene had the throw-up plague at the same time….with one bathroom. Praise God that I was on my own in there. & 2. As ryan’s earlier post alluded to, I have some experience with post-alcohol consumption throwing up…& I always thought there were certain….well, i’ll be good & not give details, but I was suprised at how similiar it all felt…& smelled….. So in case anyone is interested, throwing up from being sick is very similar to throwing up from alcohol…..but different than throwing up due to being pregnant. not that the latter is any more fun.

oh & really concentrating on the sermon i was listening to on the ipod helped me to not concentrate on the nausea, thus not throw up so much. I decided to listen to ryan’s sermon b/c everything else was just annoying. I’m a bit partial to Mr. Burns. He did not put me to sleep but the worship music that played after his sermon did. ha ha, it was about the providential will of God…or something like that (sorry..). actually comforting, focusing on the fact that the reason i was sick was not that God was being tied down by the devil….don’t know why i was sick, but God was on his throne during it. that’s always comforting to me.

2 thoughts on “I hate throwing up

  1. Ha! I read the second to last line and thought it said, “on his throne DOING it.” and I was like… uh oh, I might need to talk to Jenn about that. However, after a second reading I realized my mistake. I am in full agreement that he was on his throne DURING it.

    Comforting indeed my little puke-er.

  2. I’m so glad to hear you are doing better today. I hate throwing up more than almost anything in the world and am so sorry you had to go through that–as well as little Grace =( I pray that you continue to get better and feel back to yourself very soon!

    Re: hangovers, it perplexes me how people drink excessively knowing that it will result in a massive headache and throwing up. I’ve been fortunate not to have that much experience with puking, but I have had my fair share of migraines, and I can’t imagine anything being worth either of those experiences. People are strange creatures.