Ryan Burns has arrived… Jennifer Burns will be joining shortly

Despite the fact that I have to compete with Ryan Burns the model and Ryan Burns the musician… Ryan Burns the regular guy has managed to secure a page 1 spot on the google search query “Ryan Burns.” I’m currently #6. Not bad.

Now, our goal is to get “Jennifer Burns” up on page 1 too. Can anyone tell me what page she’s currently on? It’s like a game…

6 thoughts on “Ryan Burns has arrived… Jennifer Burns will be joining shortly

  1. Well, Jen, you may be on page 5 on the google search…but you’re on page 1 in my book. :o)

  2. Just checked this morning and Jennifer has moved from relatively far back in google (Melissa, did you really find her on page 5 when you made your last comment?), all the way to page #2. Watch out page #1… here she comes!

    Why, besides narcissism, is this so exciting for me? Well, it simply means that the steps I’ve taken as a web developer to make our blog more search engine friendly has worked. The technical term is “Search Engine Optimization.” If you are an uber nerd like me, it is really cool to see it actually work.

  3. Dude…she was SO on page #5 when I checked…but you’re right…page #2 now! Crazy…

  4. at least you are both competing with relatively normal and respectable individuals who bear your name. first two hits for jennifer hunter? a wiccan and a dominatrix =/ sheesh.

  5. nice. i hadn’t actually checked till today. in other news, Melissa is on page 1! (on harvest’s website)

  6. Just discovered that the search query “jenn burns” and “jennifer burns” have her on page one for google. Once “jennifer burns” gets page one… she’ll own the hat-trick!