I heart Avocados

I have a terrible time committing to “favorites”. I hate when ‘favorite’ questions are asked as ice-breakers in small group discussions. I have no idea! I like lots of things for different reasons depending on my mood & situation. That goes for colors too.

However, relating to food: I will eat (& likely enjoy) darn near anything, but I think i can say with SOME confidence that more & more i’m realizing my favorite’s are (in alphabetical order): Avocados (not guacamole, just straight up fruit please), Crab legs, rack of lamb.

To the extent that it’s ok to love foods, I love avocados. The other day we went to mellow mushroom for dinner which has exquisite pizza & calzones. BUT they also have an AMAZING avocado sandwich. Every time I go I plan to get a calzone, but inevitably I end up with that delicious sandwich on my plate. I think they taste delicious, it’s a fruit that can fill me up & has those “good brain fats” that are great for everyone (particularly kids & pregnant women). Yesterday I stumbled upon a whole new way to love the avocado.

I was eyeing the “avocado pudding” tip by Kerryann on the cookingtf.com website & it sounded intriguing. I decided to look up ‘avocado pudding’ on recipezaar.com (my other favorite recipe idea place) for a more “adult” version & found a blender recipe that includes milk.

so i used that as the basis & “tweaked” it to make it more “crazy Jenn” friendly. I went with what i had as well as I wasn’t up for a shopping trip:

2 ripe avocados
1 SUPER SUPER ripe banana (almost black), frozen
2TBS agave nectar
2TBS carob powder (if you’ve never had carob or don’t like it, use coco)
1/2 cup rice milk

blend in blender, put in serving dish & fridge for 20+/- minutes.

WOW. i’m in love (course i had yet to try ‘sin on a spoon‘…i’ll have to try that next).

I plan to try it again with the following changes once I get said ingredients: Liquid Stevia instead of agave, Coco instead of Carob, Coconut milk instead of rice milk. Note: I mentioned the ripeness of the banana b/c the riper it is, the sweeter. I like to let bananas get so ripe they’re almost bad & then freeze them for future use in smoothies & the like which means I don’t need to add as much sweetener as with a more yellow banana.

Now if only I could get my “boys” to like it…you know…the ones who could spare the extra fat. ;) So far Grace is my only avocado buddy….and broccoli buddy…and coleslaw buddy….

2 thoughts on “I heart Avocados

  1. Hi Jenn…
    Sounds interesting…avo pudding. I’m trying to get myself to like avo’s. Not my fave but I need to eat them for health reasons. Have you tried avocado in an omelette? With goat cheese and tomato. You might like that if you like eggs. Anyway, I’ve never tried the liquid form of stevia…i’ll have to check that out. My daughter also eats broccoli and coleslaw! It is the funniest thing to see a 11-month old eating and LOVING coleslaw!

  2. sounds good! one word of caution on the stevia though, i’ve heard rumors that it takes on a bitter taste in hot beverages. i’ve never used stevia (other than the leaves from my stevia plant in the yard), so i don’t know for sure.