i like checking the mail…

I really like to check the mail. I think it is the anticipation that something really good or surprising might show up. Maybe a letter from a friend, a gift, a check, or a magazine. Now, I know that there are lots of un-fun things that come in the mail too, like bills, but I am willing to deal with the weeks and weeks of bills for days like today…

I wasn’t able to check the mail yesterday. So, this morning I took a peak in the mailbox on my way to the car. Much to my surprise there was a package from the Westminster Bookstore. I was surprised, as I didn’t remember ordering anything. I thought that Jenn might have bought something, but I assume she would have told me. So, after a brief debate in my head I decided to open it. Then, with great joy in my heart I saw a book that I had been eyeing for a couple weeks, Edmund Clowney’s, “How Jesus Transforms the Ten Commandments.”

Honestly, if I had a list of books I wanted to get right now, that one is in the top three. But no one knew that… I haven’t so much as mentioned the book to anyone. Inside was a letter from the Westminster Bookstore. They were thanking me for my support of the Westminster Bookstore via their blog partnership program. WOW!!!! THANKS WTS!!!!

Now, let me say that the book was a great gift and I appreciate it tremendously. However, gift or no gift my book links have and will always take you to the Westminster Bookstore. The fact of the matter is their prices are always the best, they have flat rate $5 shipping, and dang it, I want to go to school there… So, there you have it.

Again, Westminster Bookstore, thanks for the book… it’s just what I wanted… and you can bet that there will be a post coming soon with my two cents on it. Thanks.

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