I like words

I’m a word guy… that doesn’t mean that I’m a talker (as my wife and friends will attest) but rather that I think words are really important. This holds especially true when talking about God. I’ve had more than my fair share of conversations with people in regards to the words we choose and their implications on what is trying to be communicated. My arguments often concludes with, “I understand that we mean the same thing, but our words do not.”

Words are important.

That is why I absolutely LOVED Dr. Mouw’s post regarding the importance of is. If you love words or if think that words aren’t that important, please read his post. It is so amazing. I’m sure I’ll reference it for years to come in my continual battle for right (uh… correct?) words.

3 thoughts on “I like words

  1. I’m with you on the importance of words. I think you can appreciate the significance of my recent word-finding difficulties. I’m doing my best not to let it get to me… God uses interesting things to humble us, at times. =)

    I re-installed the software on my powerbook and it seems to be running just fine. I’m going to get a second opinion about the hard drive…