I saw a crane

About 1.5 miles from my house is a jogging/bike trail that does a 3.2 mile loop around a small lake. I love running it as you can’t see the lake the whole time. There are 4 times that I get a good look at it:

1) when i start on the path, I get to look out as the sun is coming up over the water & all shiny & pretty
2) at the halfway point I can see the buildings near the park near my house across this body of water making it seem far away, which is cool knowing I’m going to make it all the way back there
3) I get a little peek somewhere between 2 & 4 but I often end up crossing paths here with other walkers or joggers & am too busy waving or saying “hi” & miss it)
4) when I’m back to where I started which means I’m almost home (ish…unless I continue on to the cobble-stone street neighborhood to add distance).

Saturday when I was in the middle of #4 I saw what i guess was (i’m not into birds & did not come home to “google” it) a black crane (looked like a crane with red on it’s head). It was awesome. At first I thought it was a trash bag sitting on a tiny tree that looks more like a stick poking out of the water, but took a second look & realized it was a beautiful bird. What’s funny is that I came home & saw my route & you can clearly see where I saw the crane:

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