Idol Factory Reminders

I’ve mentioned it before and I’ll mention it again. If my experience is any indication, it’s a topic that bears repeating.  John Calvin gave the human heart the claim to fame of being a ‘perpetual factory of Idols’.  With the definition of Idol being anything we place above God in our lives, whether by word or deed, the list of possibilities are endless.  There’s the obvious: money, STUFF…golden calves… and the easily unnoticed: spouses, children, jobs, education….SAVING money…. ect.  This morning I was going through my feed reader and a blog I enjoy for the purposes of helping wrap my mind and day around educating and enjoying my preschoolers had a suprise little reminder for me.  I’m sure it was written mostly for ME, but I’ll pass it on to ya’ll just in case.

Here’s a little snippet of the very short but sweet post by Kendra over at Preschoolers and Peace:

The idols in our lives tend to creep in under the auspices of godliness: Homeschooling.  Family integrated worship.  Modesty.

Ouch.  Did I hurt you?  I didn’t mean to.  It’s just that the longer I walk this path of home education, the more I see people dropping off the cliff of self-righteousness and formulaic spirituality.  Formulas do not save. Ideologies don’t either.

Take your children to the cross.  While there, lay down all of those things that stand in the way of Christ’s redemptive work in their lives.  Get yourself out of His way.  There is only One who saves, and it is for Him we live and breathe.

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