I’m a blogger

What can I say… I’m a blogger… I love the opportunity the internet provides for making money, expressing creativity, forming of community (debatable, Mr. Cowles would say), and sharing the gospel. It is a strange world, I’ll give you that… but one I enjoy throughly.

So, today I simply wanted to share a site that I found that (minus the making money thing) embodies all of the above. When I stumbled across Christ & Pop-culture I was amazed at the concept, the design, the implementation… truly a well done site. I did not have time (as I’m supposed to be working) to really dig around, but these guys are to be commended on putting something together that is really, really, well done.

I’ve actually been playing around with this very concept (magazine style blog with multiple writers) built around the concept of preaching and living the gospel at work… I was thinking something like thecubiclegospel.com or something like that… I don’t know if it will ever materialize, but these guys have done exactly what I would hope to do with it.

Way to go!

Check it out:


One thought on “I’m a blogger

  1. Hey man, thanks a lot for the write-up. It was extremely encouraging. That idea you had about a work/gospel zine sounds awesome. Let me know if you need any help or advice. It’s amazing what you can do with a good wordpress theme these days.