I’m being stalked

It really started coming up on 9 years ago, but I didn’t honestly notice until last year. Then the past 6 months it’s gotten more intense leading up to the past two weeks where there’s no more secrets. I am clearly being stalked….by the Gospel.

( Sorry, couldn’t help myself)

So, when most people think of the Gospel, it’s what “saves” you. Jesus came, died & rose again so that we can go to Heaven….right? Well….what’s been “stalking” me is this concept (from an article written by my professor):

We often reduce the gospel to “God’s plan of salvation” for lost people to be saved from sin’s penalty, not realizing that it is also “God’s plan of salvation” for Christians to be saved from sin’s power. The same gospel message that saves sinners also sanctifies saints.

It’s just funny that absolutely everywhere I turn lately I’m bombarded with this. Whether reading it in books, on blogs, in emails, hearing it in sermons, in conversations, in songs, certainly in class….the kicker was Sunday night we attended a bible study (which was great fun, the first time in a LONG time I’ve attended a bible study with Ryan (usually just go to women’s things)), and were discussing Philippians 1. I didn’t take notes so i can’t remember how it all went down, but very quickly, “the Gospel is continually saving/sanctifying us” thing came up…to what at the time seemed not super-related. BUT…um…duh Jenn (people don’t say duh anymore do they?)…i think all this stalking is due to the fact that EVERYTHING is about this. Not being stalked…it’s just everywhere & I guess I’m finally seeing it….everywhere that is.

5 thoughts on “I’m being stalked

  1. Something is definitely a-brewin’…I too am being bombarded with the whole continual sanctification thing. It’s “totally” everywhere. And as if that in itself isn’t refreshing enough…I’m doubly encouraged to hear that I’m not the only one. (and then…why would we always tend to think that we are?) Hmmm…and I still say “duh”…and “totally”…oh well.

  2. Amazing, amazing (not the “duh” and “totally” part – that’s just, like sad . . . heehee!). We visited a church on Sunday – awesome place – and went to lunch with one of the pastors, and he said their big focus is on “the gospel.” I got excited because that’s something I’ve been “stalked” by recently as well, so I asked him what he meant – and he said that they focus on The Gospel, because that’s really the point, isn’t it? Wow. Yay!!!

  3. I still remember the talk I heard when I first heard this issue clearly articulated. The speaker asked us who needed the gospel most: “the lost, right?” But no, believers need the gospel just as much as nonbelievers. We need it everyday. I need salvation through Christ’s sacrifice just as much today as the first time I heard of the cross. Our lives are hid with Christ, Christ in us the hope of glory, that is the good news we live by each day.

  4. Jennifer,
    Ever since I read that article (back in November), I’ve also been constantly reminded of my need to – daily – repent and believe. It is a concept that often gets lost amidst evangelization. But what good news! The Gospel which IS the power save us also IS the power to sanctify us! I love that quote; thanks for the reminder!