Impulse “Coffee” review

I admit I do have a tendency toward grocery impulse buys. I think i’ve mentioned before how strange my impulse buys tends to be though….like liver….i don’t know.

Anyhow, yesterday I was at the grocery store and near the “natural foods” section there was a huge bin with random items marked to clearance. I couldn’t help myself. I raided it. I found Some organic Grade B maple syrup half off (i bought 3), and Teeccino, for just over $3. I was pretty sure that was an amazing price, so I bought one. I heard of it a few years ago and have wanted to try it, but seeing as how I’ve never seen it in a store, and didn’t want to pay shipping for something I assumed would be gross (yet still i wanted to try it!), I never had. Anyhow, I bought it and made some yesterday. It’s good!

A few disclaimers: I don’t drink coffee regularly, and I like carob (this has carob in it & you can definitely smell it). I WANT to be a coffee drinker. I LIKE coffee, and enjoy the caffeine kick, but every time I start drinking it regularly I start having trouble sleeping (waking up with terrors to be exact…i assume it’s adrenal strain?), and some other ‘female’ problems intensify. I even recently made a conscious decision to start drinking coffee near lunchtime (sure was amazing to not be falling asleep during storytime!), and thought I was doing “ok”, but lo & behold, started waking up in a cold sweat afraid of the boogeyman again. arg. What am I, six?

Anyhow, all that to say, clearly I’m not an expert on coffee taste. However, I’m more of a ‘coffee snob’ than i’d expect, purely because the only coffee I tend to drink is what Ryan makes, and HE’S a coffee snob for sure. He makes good coffee. I have no qualms drinking his black. I can’t handle ‘hotel’ coffee. Even with cream & sugar. I feel like it’s safe to say it tastes like a flavored coffee. Not sure what flavor, but certainly not like “plain” regular coffee…I haven’t compared it side by side yet. The aroma is not super coffee but the ‘mouthfeel’ and aftertaste is for sure coffee. I am typing this with “coffee mouth”.

So, for what it’s worth, if you’ve been tempted to try it: I recommend it. :) & if you live near me, it’s on sale in the big ‘bargain box’ by the organic dairy stuff in the Cost Cutters off Meridian. …That is, if I haven’t bought it all. I like it a lot, but not enough to pay full price….that stuff’s expensive!

Also I will do my best to get ryan to taste it, but given his extreme snobbishness and apprehension of anything “weird” I offer him….well, we’ll see. In fact I’m afraid he’s not going to let me continue brewing it in his pot. (don’t tell him I’m doing it!)

Update: I just got him to sip it & he definitely did NOT like it. I have been sent to find something to remove the taste from his mouth. :) But he does not like carob (and he said it’s too sweet).

2 thoughts on “Impulse “Coffee” review

  1. That is too funny. Of course Keith is the same way I have to sneak things in without him knowing and then if he likes it decide whether or not I tell him what he just had. Normally I decide to keep it to myself so he doesn’t change his mind or decide not to have it again. I’ve often wondered how that was. When do you normally drink coffee? I’ve never heard of having problems sleeping unless having it at night before bed kind of thing….hmmm us Jones girls we are just odd that’s what makes us fun.