In one Week

7 days until the “big race“. I feel ready. I realize it’s only 6.2 miles & at the most an hour of my time, but regardless, I am really excited & a little nervous. Last January when deciding to run the Monument Ave 10k I couldn’t run to the mailbox & back without hyperventilating, so 6.2 seemed daunting. Now that I’m in a little better shape & am confident I can FINISH the race, I would like to improve my time….so therein lies the source of my jittery stomach excitement. A challenge. A competition. Fun.

In related news, the book we’ve been using in my weekly mom’s group had a chapter gearing us up for committing to a regular time of bible study & journaling (& not just random reading). She compared getting into it to running. She talked about her crazy “running friends” who try to convince her to come to the dark side. How they try to convince her that after 4 to 6 weeks you hit a stride & begin to love it. That these friends apologize sometimes for their grumpiness, explaining, “I didn’t run today”. To a non-runner/non-exerciser…this sound ludicrous. Surely you just have to have a certain personality type (um…insane…) to not only enjoy but be slightly addicted to running. Now, while I don’t consider myself a ‘real’ runner, I do attest that it happens. The first mile is always painful for me, but almost every time once i get that first mile behind me, I’m good to go (sweating & breathing heavy the whole time, but it isn’t excruciating & it is exhilarating). I absolutely have felt in the past few months, a bit off…grumpy…when i miss a few days of working out. It is kind of a stress/frustration vent…& of course the endorphin high upon the return from a run has something to do w/it I’m sure.

Anyhow, I have also found the same to be true for waking up early to have some “alone time” with God & His Word. While I have always had a bit of a bent toward exercise, I have not at any point been keen on Bible Study. I know…what kind of Christian am I? Apparently pretty normal from what I gather talking to most people & looking at all the books on subject that are available. Over the past 8 years I have made & broken numerous committments to the Lord in this area. However a few months back I began to get up for this purpose…and now that we’re into the nuts & bolts of learning how to study the Word on our own…I have to say, I’m addicted. I also feel quite off & downright grumpy if I try to sleep in & not only miss that time of learning & reflection, but to be up & wide awake before the kids. Well…that in itself is a big deal. Now they get to have “happy” mommy wake them up 90% of the time vs. “for crying out loud could you possibly be quiet for 2 seconds & leave me alone while I get breakfast!!!!???!!” mommy. This doesn’t often alleviate their morning grumpies, but at least it’s only them crying while breakfast is being served instead of all 3 of us.

2 thoughts on “In one Week

  1. Hey that was an encouraging post! I needed to read that. By the way, that’s so awesome that you’re going to be in a race. :)