Interesting lunch date

Yesterday I had a friend I made from class last semester come over for lunch. This is what I expected to happen: We’d eat our sloppy joes, carrot stix w/pb & grapes (yes, i went all out for a fancy meal), the kids would go down for naptime & Jessie & I would hang out & talk/catch up a little (I hoped she’d have pictures from recent trips to look at too…which she did, yay!).

It didn’t work out much like that at all, though it was still lots of fun. I just thought it was really strange & worth noting:

Asher typically does not do well around new people, particularly adults. It just takes him awhile to warm up to them & even still he doesn’t usually open up to his usual babbling self for some time (if at all). Yesterday he pretty much talked nonstop the entire time “Ms. Jessie” was here. He told stories, asked (3 million) questions, asked for stories to be told, showed her books, was INCREDIBLY interested in her Prince Edward Island pictures….needless to say the kids didn’t go down for naps until she left, around 2pm. In fact, i think he talked a little more than normal even. I kept having to remind him to keep eating.

Another oddity is that Grace was unusually quiet/not social. Though in her defense, it’s not like she could get a word-in with Asher babbling on & she doesn’t do too well to miss naptime (whereas Asher doesn’t REALLY even nap, he just has ‘roomtime’). So she was pretty tired.

As far as Asher’s concerned Jessie came over to see him & is now his new friend. Quite the ‘touch’ that young lady has!

4 thoughts on “Interesting lunch date

  1. You have to remember earlier Thurs. he also talked a long time to us on the phone which he normally does not do. So he must have been in a really talkative good mood. But it is good that he has another best friend, even if she is a an adult one. : )we all like having friends.

  2. that’s right, i forgot about that….i literally had to take the phone away from him…very odd. but fun.

  3. ah, it was a combo of I couldn’t remember her last name (sorry jessie) & age. I suddenly felt strange to have her be “Ms. last-name” at 19 (or is it 18? i think it might be the latter). but it did strike me after she left that she is technically elligible for “ms. last-name”…guess i’m just getting old. ;) the age gap is widening.