Is the Navy Lying?

So, today I saw a BRILLIANT ad in ESPN’s magazine. The only reason I stopped to look at the ad is because the picture was rather striking. The greens were amazingly brilliant against he dark waters.

Anyway, as I examined the picture I saw the caption at the bottom “Pictured from left to right: LCDR Mark Simon, ETCM Eric Olis, BMC Dan Ames, BM1 Michael O’Connell, EN1 Jason Fetterman, EM2 Mark DiPietro, LT Lewis Baker, MM2 Sergio Rodriguez”

Are you kidding!?!? That is BRILLIANT.

So, I sat there searching for them. After 5 minutes or so I thought, “Yup, those Seals are impressive.” But then I wanted to know where they were. Where are they in the picture? I thought to myself, “surely someone knows where they are and has posted it on the internet.” 15 minutes of searching and NO answers. This led me to question, “are they really there?”

So, after thinking about it half the night I think that the Navy should reveal where the men are hiding.  My logic is that, unless you can prove they are there, how do I know that you’re not just making it up to support a very clever ad?  So, Navy, I’m not going to beleive it until I can see it.  Please prove to me that this isn’t just brilliant marketing, but that Seals really are that good.


6 thoughts on “Is the Navy Lying?

  1. I want to know too! Maybe they are under the water? You always see that in Vietnam movies, when they slink under the water with a BIG ‘ole knife stuck between their teeth. Usually, it’s to sneak into a POW camp to free the son of a rich Texan.

    OK, I am getting carried away!

    LMK if you find something out.

  2. I can’t tell if its all of them but they are lined up on the far left about halfway up — at the water line. They start in the shadow of that first tree on the left and go to the second tree. Small but they are there.

  3. I found the two dad is talking about and found one on the far right in the second tree in from the right, he looks a little like Abe Lincon. so I think they are there. the picture must have been taking from real far away so they are very tiny in those BIG trees.

  4. I’m going to need you to circle them for me. my eyes hurt & i still see nothing. :)

  5. Yes. There might actually be real people in the picture, but if you search Campbell-Ewald and the names in the article. The names match people that work at Campbell-Ewald, which is the company that does marketing for the Navy. Maybe they can’t mention the names of the seals, but smells a little fishy to me.

    For example Mark Simon and Campbell-Ewald in a google search brings up “Mark Simon. Executive Creative Director at Campbell-Ewald”