So this morning while reading a chapter from “God’s Big Picture“, the author was talking about how Jesus fulfills OT prophesy. Of particular interest to me was how he explained that Jesus is the true Israel, Tabernacle & Temple. I won’t give all the details on the explanation, as that would be a chapter of the book. However, he hovered briefly on the idea that putting hope into the current nation of Israel is not what we should do.

From now on the true Israel is not focused on the land of Palestine and does not consist of those who are physically descended from Abraham. It rather consists of his spiritual descendants….Jew & Gentile, who…place their trust in God’s promise fulfilled in Jesus..

He also quoted another author w/the following analogy (Jenn’s Paraphrase):

A father a century ago promises his son a horse on his 21 birthday. Cars are subsequently invented, so when the 21 birthday rolls around, the father gives his son a car. (then he gave an explanation of how Israel was the horse/Jesus the car). “To look for direct fulfillments of, say, Ezekiel in the 21st cent. Middle East… like taking the delivery of the car but still expecting the horse.”

I found this incredibly helpful, as the “Isreal/Palestine Thing” (sorry to reduce it to a “thing”….I’m not very profound) confuses the heck out of me & I’ve never really felt any incredible passion for “saving Israel”…stopping war, yes. Fighting a Holy War…not so much. So I’ve battled guilt for thinking that it may not be the big super-spiritual thing a lot people say it is. Not that I am suddenly and expert, but I think what He talked about in this last chapter is what I thought…but didn’t have the eloquent words to express.

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  1. Nice…I just had a conversation with Jeremiah this morning. He wasn’t buying the whole Genesis 22:17 “I will surely bless you and make your descendants as numerous as the stars in the sky and as the sand on the seashore.” In his mind…”How could Abraham have that many kids? Did God really keep His promise? There’s A LOT of sand, Mom!” Once I explained to him pretty much what you wrote in your first quote about “It rather consists of his spiritual descendants….Jew & Gentile”…he was releaved and all was well with the world. We were back on track…God does keep His promises. Thanks for the confirmation, Jen. :o)