It Has Been a While

I know we haven’t been blogging much (just twittering) but I hope that will change in the near future. Tomorrow afternoon we will officially move into our new home (which is AMAZING) and we’ll try to get settled. I’m sure that once we’re in and the boxes are unpacked, we’ll find a little more time to write.

It has been a long week on the road and I think we are all ready to get into the house and find some bit of normalcy. The truck should arrive tomorrow morning with our stuff and I hired a few guys to come over in the afternoon to help us unload it. After that, we begin the fun of unpacking all the boxes… which, actually shouldn’t be that bad. My personality is the type that won’t be able to really relax until everything is unpacked and set up… so, I’m thinking we can knock it out in a day or two. Then, that will give me a nice long weekend before I begin my new job at Logos.

We’ve been in Bellingham since yesterday and have been lucky to have BEAUTIFUL weather. Yesterday and today have been in the high 70s with sunny skies. It has been so refreshing out. I’m so happy with the weather. Now, sure, it is going to rain a lot… but I’m still excited about the beauty of this part of the country.

Ok, my battery is about to die and I’m too tired to try and give you any more details on our trip. Like I said, hopefully once we get settled in the house we’ll get back to better blogging. Till then, I’ll keep on tweeting.

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