It is Well

Most mornings, the kids & I start our day with “circle time”. After breakfast & getting dressed, we gather in the office, read a chapter from a kids bible (since we do the Jesus Storybook Bible at night we’re going through The Big Picture Story Bible right now), pray together, work on scripture memorization (been on a break over the holidays), and then sing a hymn. This week we’ve started learning “It is wll with my soul”.

So today we talked about what the words in the first stanza & refrain mean. Asher latched onto the concept immediately & delved into discussion about heaven. Questions like, “will there be toys in heaven?”

Later he hurt his thumb and fussed and then said, “it’s okay though, it’s still well with my soul”.

I so enjoy getting a front row seat of his mind at work.

Anyhow, during the heaven talk he got excited & did his “smile & lean in conspiratorially” thing saying, “and when Jesus comes back we’ll get to go back in Eden!”.

I almost cried. I swear i’ve never told him this…at least not in one coherent thought. But it was a logical piecing together of what he does know. I just find that piecing together so fascinating. Kids really are amazing!

A few weeks ago in the beginning of The Big Picture Story Bible, when Adam & Eve are sent from the garden, there is a picture of angels with flaming swords. He asked about it when we read that. I explained how Adam & Eve (& all people) were no longer allowed in the garden. That was the end of the discussion. Other than liking the swords he didn’t linger on it. Just when you think they’re not paying attention.

Course if you ask him to go upstairs & get his slippers that are sitting on the floor right next to his bed, under his calendar. He will come back down empty handed declaring, “i can’t find them. can you get them for me?” And then Grace will go up & find them immediately. Go figure.

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