It’s my Birthday and I’ll laugh if I want to

First, a few notes on Technology. Obviously in the Burns’ house we have no aversion to it. Ok, so I don’t really have any deep thoughts on technology but wanted to prep this story that has nothing to do with the purpose of this post.

A few days ago I was watching Higglytown Heroes with the kids (have I mentioned that I love having DVR?). It was one where “Pizza Guy” (who is probably the most irritating character, mostly because I think all they ever eat is pizza) tells a story explaining how he knows where to go to deliver pizza’s (*spoiler alert*). The “higglytown hero” of this episode is a map-maker. At the end of his little song he says, “and when you give people directions, you too can be a higglytown hero” (or something to that effect). Asher, without skipping a beat says, “Or give them a GPS.”

Excuse me while I go laugh at my own story for a bit.

Ok, part 2 and the real reason for the post: I often start my initial computer time of the day reading Ryan’s twitter. Seems funny to stalk your husband online, but there you have it. We also IM or text more than talk on the phone, so take that. Anyhow, this morning I clicked through on a twit to find This video and I’m still laughing. Couldn’t pass up sharing it with you today (thanks Ryan for the birthday laugh).

did I mention it’s my birthday? I get to start calling myself “old” today I think. I’ve been looking forward to 30 since I turned 20. I think because I thought by 30 surely I’d be smart & not having my emotions run so much by my circumstances. Can’t say that’s true, but I do care MUCH less about being cool. Don’t get me wrong I still want to be cool…I just don’t try as hard anymore…I got lazy.

Oops…I was blogging about this vimeo…right. Here you go:
Star Wars: Retold (by someone who hasn’t seen it) from Joe Nicolosi on Vimeo.

4 thoughts on “It’s my Birthday and I’ll laugh if I want to

  1. I found it interesting that they X’ed out the eyes to indicate deth, I never really remember this till you said Asher draws that way.

    Happy Birthday! I was present at your real birthday :). love you!

  2. lol at GPS. That Asher really cracks me up and I’ve never even met him!. I hope you had a wonderful 30th bday! For what it’s worth, I always thought you were cool. For real!