Ok, I got a $30 iTunes gift card for Christmas… and those who know me, know how up-to-date I am on music… and how I “love” so much of it… So, lets get some comments here on where to spend my $30…

2 thoughts on “iTunes

  1. Music…. my money would go toward Joe Cocker, Bob Dylan, Dr John, Rod Stewart…. mom says any artist who can’t sing would be on my “like” list. Stevie Nicks was Uncle Frank’s favorite or as Jenn used to call him “Uncle Friend”

    Eagles, Beatles, Byrds… all good even though mom have never liked (and never been silent about it) Hotel California and Mr Spaceman

    Ask Asher, he’ll help you look for the Alvin and the Chipmunks song site :) AAAALVINNN!!! OOOOOOKAAAAAAY!

  2. meiko, the decemberists, deathcab, and hundreds of other indie bands that you can cry to. because we all know you love crying.