Jenn’s B-day

Yesterday Jenn turned 29.

You run and run
and then you run more.
As the sun rises
you head out the door.

Feet pound the ground.
Your face turns to red.
You start to forget
all the comforts of bed.

Breath in and breath out.
1 mile is done.
On to the second.
It starts to get fun.

You keep up the pace.
Your feet they move on.
You start mile three
and its just barely dawn.

Mile three it now seems
is easier than past.
Another mile or two?
Sounds like a blast.

But your duty it calls.
There is stuff to get done.
But part of you wishes
you could continue to run.

It is fun to watch
as enter the door.
Fulfilled from run
and still wanting to run more.

Your dive and your joy
in this new hobby of yours
is something that I
have grown to adore.

And some day I’m sure
you’ll complete your great goal.
Twenty six and point two
Testing heart, mind and soul.

While I’ll do what I can
to help along the way,
maybe it can start next Thursday
When we go on our date.

(Next Thursday we’ll go see this movie)

One thought on “Jenn’s B-day

  1. :) isn’t he sweet? ryan took me out to a great dinner at seasons 52 downtown. during dinner there were two envelopes for me to open. the first had the above poem & the second had a printout of the movie flyer. I had never heard of the movie before then, so it was a very fun suprise. I can’t wait to go see it!! I think i can’t register for the disney marathon until i watch it (&/or we have the $110 needed to register…geez…). :) thx for a sweet birthday ryan (oh & thanks to uncle devin & aunt crystal for the free babysitting!).