Jenn’s Lessons learned from our 7 year anniversary trip

I was writing this as a comment to ryan’s but it was getting long, so decided it should be it’s own post….

  • The best pizza in Baltimore has better CRUST than Piccola’s, but not taste

  • I think ryan’s gun was broken, but regardless it felt good to win
  • I am TERRIBLE at driving motorcycles
  • Paper-thin Tuna Carpaccio is my favorite appetizer
  • Modern art makes me scratch my head
  • Ryan’s favorite Modern piece makes me roll my eyes (a solid grey parallelogram? sigh..)
  • I forgot that I had been to an art museum before. Ryan thought it was funny.
  • I can sleep until 9 a.m. too

Along with all that, I am almost finished my sewing projects. Ahh…Thanks Mom & Dad Jones…..(oh & ryan!)

One thought on “Jenn’s Lessons learned from our 7 year anniversary trip

  1. It wasn’t my favorite piece… I simply said that I like it. Smooth lines, angles, color… simple, yet not simplistic.

    I’m not sure I had a favorite from the trip. It was cool to see Monet and Matisse’s work.

    I liked the modern section because so much made me laugh at its silliness.

    I think I just enjoyed it all, knowing how crazy hard art is to create.