Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-04-29

  • – Sprouted wheat flour step 3: rinse periodically 08:58:15
  • asher is teaching grace the spider man song. sounds like “the wheels on the bus”. b/c asher’s only heard the song from me & i don’t know it. 09:38:36
  • just discovered a pile of ants hiding behind my bedroom curtains while vacuuming. guess that time of year is upon us. 10:24:46
  • asher just said he’s going to marry arundel burton when he grows up. grace said she’ll marry elias rudolph. 11:59:46
  • do u have to tear out the clear plastic window before recycling envelopes? 12:08:38
  • – Beignets in the fryer 13:36:39
  • – Mmm…donuts..I mean beignets 14:03:13
  • and now to clean up the hurricane the donuts caused in the kitchen 15:27:35
  • asher asked about a ‘save darfur’ sticker i have. ever since he’s been compelling his friends to pray for darfur. kinda cute..kinda weird. 15:40:47
  • we had friends over for our donut lunch and i’m just now realizing i might have missed naptime window w/o creeping into bedtime issues. 16:03:03
  • also i ate too many. think i should boycott dinner. 16:06:16
  • asher is getting a lesson on star wars from ryan 20:03:46
  • – Sprouted wheat flour step 4: ready for dehydrator 21:37:10
  • woohoo, the new edition of “the well-trained mind” that I ordered in January is finally being shipped! 21:45:48

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