Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-05-01

  • murphy’s law: me out too late & thus in bed too late = grace start trying be awake @4:45, both kids out of bed 1.5hrs earlier than usual 08:21:45
  • the upside: they’ve been on their own playing for 1hr & there’s been no fighting. thank you crazy children. 08:22:15
  • love having the windows open. ahh… 12:48:59
  • What’s up with the traffic on meridian? Is there a holiday I am unaware of? 14:06:17
  • 12seconds – What asher does during roomtime 15:19:20
  • off to play in a friend’s baby pool b/c bellinghamers are crazy & think it’s hot today. 16:10:14
  • – it’s so not hot enough for me 16:27:13
  • pizza & movie night. tonight’s flick: fox & the hound 18:29:15
  • might be a veto on movie choice, @ryan_burns doesn’t like sad movies….at all…no sad movies ever. dramas reserved 4 when he’s not home. 19:13:07
  • fox & the hound it is. :) 19:47:20
  • @drdolly i haven’t run once this week. ugh. in reply to drdolly 21:26:41

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