Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-05-03

  • when talking about our trip to the east coast, asher seems particularly excited about “picking bad grass” with opa. aka: weeding his lawn 08:54:32
  • having random back spasms. can’t figure out the trigger. never had this before. weird. 12:42:26
  • sucked into facebook. i almost never go on now so when i do i have so much ‘catching up’ mostly. hitting ‘ignore’ to all the..’stuff’. 16:11:01
  • hey jenn u at the grocery store yet? what? you haven’t even left? seriously need to get on that. 16:15:50
  • ryan had to run an errand 1hr away…looks like grocery will be a night-time trip. that’ll be weird. 17:04:05
  • off to playground w/the soccer ball. 17:04:22
  • – Asher trying to ‘smote’ birds 18:36:19
  • enter to win a cool kids CD (Ellis Paul) over on @drdolly ‘s blog: 22:33:53
  • got theo chocolate b/c it was on sale. decent, not amazing. still ate too much anyway & want 2 go on a tour 22:36:24

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