Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-05-04

  • doing some batch cooking today that is totally unrelated to tonight’s dinner. not how i usually roll. but will be worth later 07:22:16
  • had a friend from the preschool co-op stay after for lunch. we had 5 kids playing nicely for approx. 2hrs w/o need 4 intervention. amazing! 14:18:05
  • score! copy of the new addition of “the well trained mind” just arrived. i love the UPS fairy. 15:17:49
  • time to make, pre-bake, then freeze 60 mozzarella stuffed meatballs w/bbq style sauce. ready set go. 15:24:48
  • @fruitloopgirl hate roundabouts. i live off cordata w/2 & folks are always speeding through making it hard to know when 2 yield & when 2 go in reply to fruitloopgirl 17:08:10
  • ugh. misread some measurements. don’t have enough worchestershire sauce thawed. will have to pause the meatballs till after dinner. 17:32:54
  • just poured oil into deep fryer for fries. left drain spout open. oil everywhere. deep breaths…DEEP breaths…ugh 18:09:54
  • @harmonymatters @ that point i’d def. go mad. that would be SO much worse. but carpeted kitchen? wt…?? in reply to harmonymatters 18:24:12
  • it’s times like this that make me glad my go to expletive is “oh man!”. otherwise the kids would’ve learned some choice words. 18:25:17
  • mess cleaned up. not @ hard as i expected. whew but used a LOT of paper-towels. i have a ‘thing’…usually use cloth for everything… 18:26:35
  • – Really not in the mood to deal w/all that 20:57:15
  • don’t tell anyone but i tried deep frying dandelion greens: they’re just as bitter deep fried (store-bought, not from my non-organic yard) 21:05:04
  • making that meatball sauce. i have to go buy ketchup. 1 more to add to the day of “jenn is terrible at planning” evidence. 21:35:09
  • forget it. uncle! sticking everything in the fridge to deal w/tomorrow. me & my aching back are going to go read. 21:37:08
  • @mommyknows keep forgetting to mention i finished edgar sawtelle in 1wk. couldn’t put it down. gonna give it to my mom. thx again. in reply to mommyknows 21:37:58
  • im such a liar. i forgot about straining the wheat for sprouting & the kefir that should’ve been strained this morning. THEN couch + book 21:58:07

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