Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-05-05

  • Inching through a bible study. Slow & steady wins the race but still feel behind. Behind whom, is it a race? Against whom? Ever the legalist 07:36:35
  • @ryan_burns 1) your arm looks crazy w/those poppy veins. 2) book would be much more fun than wifi. :) in reply to ryan_burns 08:33:12
  • – I let the kids choose my outfit today. Other than the cowboy hat we’re fine. 10:19:21
  • just found out our trash hasn’t been getting picked up b/c i apparently got mixed up along the way & been putting it out on off weeks. arg 11:01:45
  • @jjustice that is why i often introduce myself as jennifer & then say, “or jenn”. after living in GA people always thought i said ‘jan’ in reply to jjustice 12:05:46
  • 12seconds – One reason to love having a girl. 12:29:17
  • – Dandelion greens w/bacon. Kids aren’t gonna like lunch (evil grin) 13:29:11
  • i chickened out on the greens. they’re REALLY bitter, so only giving them a small mouthful with their lunch. i’ll eat the rest… 13:33:32
  • good grief. perhaps i should’ve mixed this w/chard. this is pretty gross. 13:44:46
  • @grahamfam04 how’s the croup going?? grace is sounding hoarse…i’m on high alert, lol. in reply to Grahamfam04 15:45:57
  • weird day today. hard to put my finger on why, but it’s just been weird. 16:43:35
  • grace been sounding raspy all day…no coughs tho. just laid down & coughing up a storm (weird day = nap starting @ 3:45)…poor monkey 17:14:18
  • @Jen_Hunter but don’t the commercials say it’s just like sugar? ;) ‘moderation’ indeed. in reply to Jen_Hunter 20:21:51

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