Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-05-06

  • up w/a barking cough little girl. making her some ‘cough medicine’ tea. 05:07:07
  • i just asked grace what she said & she replied, “oh i was just talking to my friend, cup” (& now her cup is talking to my cup) 09:11:46
  • looking under couch for a lost library book (cinderella), we found the nutcracker which went missing in december. 10:50:21
  • im such a wuss w/lack of sleep…time to put in a dvd so i can sneak in a nap…’specially since i’ll be holding grace during HER nap 12:43:16
  • time to make some ‘noodle soup’ (spaghetti in homemade chicken broth) 13:59:44
  • RT @CrosswayBooks: Follow Crossway @CrosswayBooks. Retweet for a chance to win a $100 gift certificate to 14:04:45
  • trying to become a salad eater. much the the chagrin of @ryan_burns …since i’m also trying to make us a ‘salad eating family’ 15:08:19
  • forgot today is kombucha day. mill some wheat then get started on that. hoping grace’s nap coughs hold off long enough to get it done 15:44:45
  • @ryan_burns don’t underestimate the power of prayer…muwhahahahaha. ;) in reply to ryan_burns 15:49:42
  • the lord is merciful. sounds like grace is getting some sleep now. 16:29:25
  • just emailed a farm for prices on chicken feet. just your run of the mill email inquiry. 16:45:05
  • – Guys from the gold rush carrying gold. (more asher art) 16:53:10
  • ooh i am so mad Queen Guinevere! & i cried @ the part when Lancelot left Lady Elaine. glad asher didn’t ask why. 17:49:36
  • my children r the only people on earth who will see & hear me rap “it’s raining it’s pouring”. 18:14:01
  • ryan’s ringtone is christina aguilera’s ‘aint no other man’. everyone else gets normal phone sound. i’m so cool. 18:41:39
  • just realized i forgot to make more taco seasoning…and i have no onion powder. see what @ryan_burns has to put w/around here?? sheesh 19:11:46

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