Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-05-07

  • been a LONG time since i’ve been up @ night w/the kids…only when they were babies. but i feel oddly ok….do whatcha gotta do i guess. 08:51:31
  • gave asher kombucha this morning & he is bouncing off the walls like a maniac. i guess it’s not psychosomatic that it perks me up. 10:37:58
  • gonna give food recycling a try. in theory: awesome! worried that in practice it will be stinky + flies. 10:57:39
  • – Got this old school popper off freecycle. Doesn’t even have an on/off switch 12:17:04
  • kids r playing knight/princess. Asher, ” I heard you were in distress! But you can rejoice when I slay your enemies”. luv my weird kid. 13:49:49
  • i keep thinking it’s friday 13:50:38
  • – Last nights fish tacos = today’s salad. Ahh salad 14:27:05
  • – both children cried when they saw what was 4 lunch. I’m a glutton 4 punishment 14:30:16
  • :( lost grace. just found her lying in my bed w/her blankie. feverish. the lengths they go to avoid salad. heh. 14:34:19
  • @jakebelder do u @ least buy coffee or something? do they mind you get their restaurant confused w/a library? :) in reply to jakebelder 17:16:57
  • time to read more Sir Lancelot of the Lake 17:17:39
  • Due to keeping blinds shut from guys working on the duplex all day, I managed to totally miss that the sun came out today. Arg 18:34:22
  • finished “real food”. HIGHLY recommend to anyone interested in food. lots of info but easy 2 understand language 20:22:52

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