Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-05-08

  • slept w/a sick toddler again last night. @ryan_burns was kind enough to give us the bed. crazy exhausted though. i’m a serious sleep wuss 09:12:34
  • :( all our frosty beer mugs r in the dishwasher….i like to use them for my breakfast smoothie 09:46:55
  • mm…regardless of the non-frozen mug, smoothie is yummy. kombucha + breakfast = feeling better. 09:48:31
  • grace just said she wants 2b a veterinarian. 1st time her answer was not “princess” or “a cat”. 09:55:49
  • asher: “a paleontologist, & paleontologist-artist, soldier (‘actually marines b/c i’ve never been in a tank b4′), astronaut” 09:56:15
  • now they’re discussing marriage again. asher is making strong arguments for why he should be allowed to marry grace. ahh breakfast talks. 10:01:20
  • @jen_hunter yeah, they crack me up a LOT. but i tend to leave out all the fighting that goes on in between funny stuff. ;) in reply to Jen_Hunter 10:15:05
  • i think it’s reasonable to wear a turtleneck sweater when the high is going 2b 58F. 10:48:43
  • my grandparents just switched to high-speed internet from dial-up. oh man…dial up. whew. 11:22:36
  • circle time! we haven’t done circle time all week. & we’re ’bout 3wks behind on scripture memory. fun to get back on track. 11:36:38
  • we’re going 2 make muffins 4 lunch. keep meaning 2 make ‘em for breakfast but too much effort for the a.m. …or pm for that matter. 12:29:16
  • been awhile since i’ve made non-gluten-free muffins but…wheat muffin batter is supposed to be runny right? this is acting like gf batter 12:56:49
  • i added water to thin it out & now the inside of the muffins aren’t cooking. when will i learn 2 stop thinking i know how to fix things? 13:43:02
  • washing a head of lettuce. has some beetles in it. …guess the upside is that means it really is organic? 13:56:29
  • off to pick up @ryan_burns for dinner at a friends house followed by a walk or hike of some sort. i think walk. details fuzzy 17:58:40
  • @ryan_burns …a “pack” of goats eh? in reply to ryan_burns 22:47:16
  • dinner was super fun. the ‘walk’ i think was 6 miles round trip w/5 kids & 2 strollers. but very fun. it’s sad that i think i’ll be sore 22:48:42
  • @jen_hunter i’m jealous of all your sushi-ness in reply to Jen_Hunter 22:49:11

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