Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-05-09

  • – Making monsters. I’m not sure why. 10:20:51
  • – Now we’re just cutting. Fine motor skill practice, right? 10:51:14
  • & asher started cleaning up so he can vacuum the mess. sweet. ‘unschooling’ at it’s finest i guess. ha. 11:32:23
  • @jakebelder i don’t miss the orlando summer, but i AM looking forward to being HOT for a few weeks when we visit in reply to jakebelder 15:27:30
  • Asher: ‘I can’t wait till tomorrow so we can celebrate u.’. I almost cried. 15:51:36
  • Off 2 library w/asher while grace naps since we couldn’t go Thursday. 16:20:58
  • Something wonky going on w/the van. Auto locks & doors won’t work. Ugh. 16:37:08
  • Loaded down w/books heading home. 17:30:16
  • turns out wonky car stuff was just a disconnected battery cable. whew 17:59:00
  • Off to babysit some of the cutest squishy kids….almost as cute as mine. ;) 19:08:06
  • A 3 yo & a 5 yo just guessed I was 52 19:56:25
  • – Chutes & ladders baby 20:05:17
  • And going to play the speed rules version this game never ends 20:27:25
  • Kids tucked in. Can’t remember the last time I babysat w/o my kids being there too. 21:48:06
  • – Now I get to read my new book. 21:53:10
  • The well-trained mind: ”repitition builds literacy (even as it slowly drives you insane)” 22:10:06

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