Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-05-11

  • grace woke last night with a coughing fit. praying this runs its course before we leave for vacation. 08:37:25
  • anyone have a fav. ‘not overnight’ steak marinade? think we’ll have steak tonight but i didn’t prepare ahead. 08:38:14
  • asher’s awake, grace is still snoozin’. it’s usually the other way around. 09:34:12
  • ‘preschool’ starts in 15min & grace is still not awake. …therefore asher is not dressed. interesting. 10:16:42
  • 12seconds – Dinosaurs wrestling 12:43:15
  • – Keeping salad expectations low for the kiddos. 13:19:28
  • lunch= “sit. keep eating. no talking till u eat pls. sit normal! ok, chew. grace stop talking & eat. i think you can swallow now…ect” 13:36:18
  • it’s kinda like exercise. not much fun DURING it, but invigorating b/c you know it will reap good long-term benefits. …or something… 13:43:21
  • dear men stomping on my roof for the 4th weekday: how much longer? I appreciate whatever it is your doing on the condo…but it’s so loud! 14:43:54
  • Asher asked if I want 2 come on a journey 2 find little things 2 make big w/his magnifying glass. Let the journey begin! 16:41:40
  • another attempt @ creating a slow ferment bread. high hopes for this one. we’ll see tomorrow. (think i added a touch too much flour tho) 18:29:44
  • – Grilling out in Washington. That’s how we roll 19:24:09
  • for seconds grace is having a plate of fat leftover from what ryan cut off his. that’s MY daughter! 20:00:50
  • @harmonymatters i haven’t seen it! in reply to harmonymatters 20:50:31
  • RT @harmonymatters @etanowitz: Here’s how @astro_mike and other astronauts are able to tweet from space: 20:57:28

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