Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-05-12

  • latest bread experiment rose a LITTLE overnight. put on the oven pilot light. hopefully a little warmth will wake up the yeastie beasties 09:05:19
  • RT @GoingtoSeminary looking 4 potential writers for GtS. Are you interested in becoming a contributor? Email me ryan AT 09:42:58
  • oh no. i see the “stomping & hammering on the roof” men approaching again. if kids weren’t sick I’d flee for the day. 09:52:38
  • asher losing circulation to toes: “my feet feel interesting. they feel fuzzy & tickly” 10:46:45
  • blood flow returning: “whoa now it feels crazy & hurts! it feels like my feet are tied together but i can still walk!” 10:49:19
  • had an amazing dream last night: went through our toys & got rid of junk & unused toys. now cleaning playroom while kids r in tub. muwhahaha 11:45:38
  • finally got a library-borrowed computer game to work on the mac! “switch zoo delux” here we come! 12:31:24
  • – Looking hopeful. Time to bake 13:18:10
  • now to attempt to exert self control & not cut into the freshly baked bread…must…let…cool…. 14:02:02
  • @jakebelder but then you compromise shape & inside texture! (shape is important b/c it’s our sandwich bread). it’s hard to wait tho! in reply to jakebelder 15:34:38
  • had an impromptu playdate, so just now getting grace down for nap. fascinating, no? 16:10:42
  • listening to this while making pate: amazing. heart wrenching good. 16:21:04
  • bread was 100% success! will be blogging recipe in the next day or 2…or whenever i get around to blogging it anyway. 17:39:20
  • whoa…my monitor is picking up someone else’s kid saying “mommy, i’m awake”. weird! 17:55:21
  • trying to find reasons to stay on the computer instead of cleaning up dinner. guess i should get back in the kitchen. not barefoot though! 21:04:17
  • oh, not pregnant either. just in the kitchen. 21:04:29

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