Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-05-13

  • time to get dressed & wake the kids. They have been very excited about today b/c we get to babysit 3 munchkin friends of theirs. 07:48:18
  • no babysitting. friend got called off her shift. but we’ll still go to play since the kids would all be heartbroken about a cancellation 08:05:11
  • super fun morning playing w/kids & chasing ducklings, feeding goats, sword fighting & pimento cheese eating. 15:23:36
  • letting asher watch BBC walking with dinosaurs DVD while grace naps. he’s so pumped, keeps shouting random dino facts 2 me. 15:36:52
  • dip tea in boiling water for 30 secs 2 dispel most of the caffeine. then steep as usual where you plan to drink. i do it for my kombucha tea 15:57:59
  • don’t know much bout evolution vs. creation, but i do feel the need 2 remind every now & then “how cool it is that God made those dinosaurs” 16:15:23
  • RT @drdolly : @ jennifer burns you won a Dragonfly Races CDs // wooohooo! thanks! in reply to drdolly 18:30:11
  • @drdolly oh wait. different jennifer burns? in reply to drdolly 18:30:46
  • My kids are so sweet 2 each other when they’re not being Pesty 19:45:58
  • time to blog the mahvelous new bread recipe 20:57:55
  • not sure why (or how might be more appropriate) all these east coast tweeps are still awake…. 23:04:23
  • i did have an hourish diversion, but still. that post took a REALLY long time. 23:10:43
  • planned to fall asleep reading in bed. now not sure the reading part will happen…. 23:43:30

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