Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-05-16

  • making sprouted wheat flour pancakes…mmm…. 09:45:25
  • @ grocery store. @ryan_burns just called 2 say my wallet is in the kitchen. Arg 11:58:21
  • making lasagna. makes me chuckle how many recipes i refer to often but don’t follow. need 2 rewrite in case anyone tries to borrow them. 13:35:20
  • still looking for a bellinghamer to babysit my dairy kefir grains. bueller? bueller? #fb 13:39:19
  • singing “marinara” to the tune of “tiny bubbles” 14:05:18
  • …marinara…in my pot…maaaarinara…boy it is hot 14:05:39
  • @jjustice yay for @jen_hunter ;) sugar in any form isn’t good for ya…I’d rather use my “moderation” amts. for desserts than drinks, heh in reply to jjustice 14:59:35
  • my neighbors just pulled out of their driveway in very cute retro-looking his & her blue & pink scooters 17:20:25
  • Kids having a hard time grasping it really is past bedtime even though the sun looks like its 4:30. ‘Bed in summer’ anyone? 21:11:12

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