Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-05-19

  • RT @Astro_Mike From orbit: Getting ready 4 bed, sleeping in space is cool, tie down sleeping bag & float inside it, very relaxing// jealous! 07:48:17
  • @jakebelder classicwahine48 congratulations!! in reply to jakebelder 07:55:25
  • i get the kraft quarterly “food & family” magazine. always grosses me out & the ‘healthy tips” make me angry. ha. 09:14:32
  • wondering why there are 3 just about empty bags of tortilla chips in my pantry… any ideas @ryan_burns ? 12:48:08
  • grace just said her liver pate tastes like ice cream. clearly the child has been ice-cream deprived 12:57:27
  • time to cook up some pizza crusts to freeze so @ryan_burns can still have homemade pizza night during his 3weeks of bachelor-ness. 14:32:04
  • 12seconds – Grace’s version of ‘I’m gonna let it shine’ while ‘napping’ 14:59:42
  • finger painting outside. didn’t account for wind. arg. 15:54:01
  • Note to self: fingerpainting is a SUMMER activity 16:09:55
  • and enter torrential downpour. i’m a constant train-wreck 16:34:25
  • Ok so I exaggerated the amt of rain…… 16:35:22
  • weather, seriously! cold windy then rainy when trying 2 play outside. now we’re in for the day & it’s almost hot out & sunny? not nice. 18:19:08
  • dropping off kefir grains to a ‘babysitter’ and then off to woods coffee for some girl chat. @ryan_burns is on super dad duty tonight 19:39:22

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