Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-05-20

  • called a friend & she was apparently in the shower. her 4yo answered the phone. had a nice little chat w/him. bit strange but cute. 10:05:18
  • – Wow just got a package of goodies from aunt Amy! 12:12:32
  • – Perfect princess fit 12:14:27
  • Bout to go on a lunch date w/ @ryan_burns ! (thx 2 Susan babysitting!) 13:10:10
  • friend offered to keep kids longer so i can get THEM packed w/o their ‘help’. LOVE my friends!! 15:15:12
  • Heading 2 walmart for the first time since Christmas 16:01:11
  • Got to be kidding me how unorganized this is. Shouldve gone 2 target. 16:18:05
  • All that’s left is 2 get out of the parking lot 16:41:28
  • Trying to maintain patience while getting 2 very chatty children ready 4 bed. Had 2 step out of the room 4 a breather. 20:17:42
  • Ok we did it. 2 cute squirm monsters are tucked in. Time for me to start packing. 20:27:35

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