Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-05-21

  • last day to finish packing, & tidy up before leaving for the east coast!! 08:07:51
  • wish i was tech savvy enough to figure out how to make my stupid laptop find the printer upstairs 10:05:10
  • Off 2 target then library then friends to drop off grain 2 borrow gas then home again. Whew 10:29:30
  • ok made it. now i get to check stuff off my list. also wondering why the lunch fairy didn’t come prepare lunch while we were gone 12:25:12
  • asher just sang me a “momma i love you” song. couldn’t bring myself to tell him to stop singing while he’s supposed to be eating. ;) 13:13:31
  • 12seconds – We’re never gonna get through w/lunch @ this rate. 13:20:09
  • Am I the only one who finds it more convenient 2 do kid baths b4 dinner? Just don’t have energy or patience 4 it before bedtime 18:01:28
  • @jjustice I highly recommend kinnick buns (toasted). Not super nutritious but gf & great taste & texture! in reply to jjustice 18:05:38
  • On our way 2 stay the night w/some generous strangers that live near the airport. Then off to ATL in the a.m. ! 20:35:53
  • Just realized I forgot to pack jackets….for everyone. Ugh. 22:19:29

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