Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-05-22

  • Off to the airport. Awfully chilly w/o a jacket…. 06:08:30
  • Probably a bad idea to expriment with a new herbal cramp remedy today. Sure hope it kicks in soon. 06:25:41
  • First order of business upon landing: find ubuprofen. Oona fail 13:24:11
  • Ok 4 the record oona helped in that it felt like stage 1 labour vs the usual stage 2 when I don’t take motrin. 13:34:56
  • In the car w/pop on our way 2 Alpharetta baby! My kids r awesome. Not that I’m biased. 13:52:15
  • Asher asked if they could go to bed b/c he was tired. That’s when u know its been a long day. 18:19:38

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