Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-06-02

  • Friends from bellingham that moved to SC @ Christmas r coming 2 visit @ lunch. Beach picnic then swimming! 08:54:01
  • – Opa’s teaching asher how to play old school Empire. It plays on MS DOS. 09:06:09
  • Off to the beach 11:05:53
  • Grace is pouring buckets of water on the sand b/c ‘it’s thirsty’ 12:58:25
  • – Grace is taking a beach nap on me. Super snuggle! 14:28:41
  • – Opa buried asher. Grace still snoozing. wonder if she’s sick. Don’t get many snuggle naps 15:01:05
  • Not sure if grace was sick or just extremely exhausted, but she begged with tears to go to bed. 18:38:32
  • My mom made pina coladas. Mmmm 19:06:44
  • U ever accidentally twitter when u meant 2 text? I just came very close 2 doing that. 20:33:35

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